Social Alpha Foundation is proud to announce our education grantee, Aparna Krishnan, head of Education from Blockchain at Berkeley (B@B), one of the most innovative and experienced student-run Blockchain organizations in the world. Aparna will travel to Hong Kong to host a series of lectures and workshops targeting faculty and students of various Universities as well as the Hong Kong Blockchain community at large. The goal of this Education Grant is to cultivate advanced Blockchain skill sets and thought leadership and establish a meaningful partnership between the Berkeley and Hong Kong Blockchain communities.


Education program development in third-world countries is extremely difficult, due to high-demand of human resource, inefficient paper-based administration system and poor-functioning subsidy payment system. Charities spent numerous amount of human resource and funding but unable to achieve their goals in the short term. Amply is a startup that is building a digital identity and subsidy management system on the Ethereum Blockchain for pre-schools in South Africa. By using Amply, the underprivileged children can receive sovereign ID and gain access to quality preschool education and financial support.